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COMICs into NFTs

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Potent Potions World is more than just fun and magical NFTs featuring potions and characters. Series 2 is comprised of 3,333 unique pieces of artwork hand-drawn created by @MegaRetroNFT. 

Each Potent Potions Series 2 NFT comes with utilities & rewards for being a holder. One of the major perks of owning one is the ability to grant the holder access to comic books created for the world to unfold more about what the characters and potions mean.

Also, depending on how many you hold can determine what kind of rewards you have access to. Potent Potions is very focused on REAL community and growth together in our journeys. Be among the many to find out what Potent Potions NFTs can mean to you.


Join Mac (a teen elf), Tiny (a mutant cat) & Herb (a wise old frog) on their journey to save the world of Potent Potions by collecting all of the magical potions! The Evil Professor Rekard is on the hunt for every Potent Potion he can get his hands on and sends out his hoards of multi dimensional minions.

YOU can help Mac, Tiny & Herb on their fun adventure by collecting Potent Potions yourself. Become a Potion Hero and help SAVE THE WORLD OF POTENT POTIONS by minting potions and holding onto them!

Check the Roadmap below to see when the comic books release.

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HD Artwork for pixel free printing & displays


Eco-Friendly Polygon Blockchain


Images safely stored on IPFS server


Unlock Unique utilities & rewards


Long-Term NFT project (5-10 years)


Family Friendly stories of heroes journeys

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There are many projects that promise the world if you just buy their NFTs. For the Potent Potions brand, we focus on long-term growth and scalable utilities that make sense for the holders. We focus on QUALITY over quantity. What's the use of having a ton of utilities if they can't execute even 1-2 of them excellently?

With Potent Potions expect something like a fine wine. It just keeps getting better with age. Our project is one of the most consistent projects in the NFT ecosystem. It was started by @MegaRetroNFT in October of 2021 and has grown greatly without ever using any paid ads.

All of our growth is organic and we know most of our following thanks to regular weekly Twitter Spaces that the Team is a part of consistently.




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